Never Underestimate the Dollar

The Dollar. It isn’t worth very much. You can’t buy very much with it. You can buy a candy bar, maybe two. You can buy a drink on sale. It really doesn’t seem like a lot. But boy oh boy! That tiny little dollar, that seems to have such little significance, really adds up very quickly! In fact, I have found it to add up so fast, that I really feel that the dollar bill is rather cunning and deceptive. So, I repeat, never EVER underestimate the dollar. That little dollar really can make or break your budget.

Here is an example: I was reviewing our finances toward the end of one week not long after my husband and I were married because I saw we were a little off budget. I was thinking and thinking, trying to figure out what we had spent money on. I didn’t recall making any large purchases. So, I went over receipts from the last two weeks and there it was! Within a week and a half we had spent almost $40.00 on little things that just cost a dollar here and a dollar there! That moment was very eye-opening for me! I quickly realized that I needed to get some respect for the humble dollar because it had, in fact, made a huge impact on our budget. $40.00 can make a huge difference in someones budget. For us, it would have paid for more than half a tank of gas.

So, please take this thought away with you: If you need to work on making a budget and sticking to it, watching your dollars does make a difference!


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