Shopping is Not Always Fun

One of my most favorite authors is G.K. Chesterton. I love him for his honesty, dry sense of humor, astounding understanding of human nature, and his deep Catholic faith. Even though he lived a while ago, everything he wrote can be applied to our lives today. That includes shopping. Yes. Indeed.

Growing up, I loved to shop. I loved to shop for anything and everything. Even grocery shopping. But then I became Catholic and realized there was more to life! I still do enjoy shopping to an extent. However, lately, I can’t stand it. I tremble at the idea of grocery shopping. I just want to get in and get out. There are so many people. So many people pushing and shoving and nobody even makes eye-contact anymore. Not to mention the music that a lot of stores play. I can’t even hear myself think. It isn’t pleasant.

In fact shopping reminds me of a quote of G.K Chesterton that I happen to love: “there are a great many good people, and a great many sane people here this afternoon. Unfortunately, by a kind of coincidence, all the good people are mad, and all the sane people are wicked.”  G.K. Chesterton– The Club of Queer Trades. This particular quote always enters my mind when I have to go shopping at an overly crowded store. You must read G.K Chesterton to understand the humor of the quote!

The over-crowded store, though, can be a blessing. For me it is because it isn’t worth the stress or hassle to shop more than once a week. This fact in turn saves a lot of money. I have yet to leave any type of all-purpose store without spending $40.00. ( Again that cunning and deceptive dollar bill rears it head. ) This being the case, I have been making a very huge attempt to only go shopping once a week. If I run out of something, I try to use other things in its place whenever possible. For example: No potatoes? Try noodles. No noodles or potatoes? Try rice. No noodles, potatoes or rice? Make garlic bread from scratch. Do you see the idea?

Yes, extra shopping can be fun, but it is a fast way to insure you will go over budget. My challenge to you is to try to limit your shopping just for one week. Then try it for two weeks. Then try it for three weeks. Tell yourself you just have to do one week at a time! You can do it!


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