The Frugality of a Sense of Humor

I have always had a deep sense of humor. I inherited it from my mother. Thank goodness, I did. It is something that has helped me in so many different situations. A sense of humor can really help your pursuit in becoming frugal or more frugal. It is true, indeed it is.

I was making bread one day, for the first time. I was teaching myself and in another country to boot. Needless to say it was a flop. I took that bread pan out of the oven and I wanted to start sobbing. Look at the money I had wasted trying to save money by making my own bread. Money was tight and that bread was just the last straw on my nerves. I wanted to take that loaf of bread and pitch it out the window.

So, I did what I do best. I sat down in front of my Crucifix and cried. I thought I was going to cry for a while, but the tears only lasted for a minute. I went and got the loaf of bread and brought it back to the Crucifix. I looked at the bread and I looked at the Crucifix. “Jesus, this was my best attempt and it failed. It looks awful and it is not soft and lovely. I really needed to use this bread too.”

I sat there looking between the loaf of bread and the Crucifix and I burst out laughing. Really, the bread looked so funny. It barely rose and was sitting in this huge loaf pan. I started to laugh. And I laughed some more. I could almost hear my guardian angel saying that not everything is perfect and why was I so upset?

I got up and cut the bread. It wasn’t soft and wasn’t tall. It was dense, but cooked through. How could I salvage this? I could make breadcrumbs, but I really needed the bread to make most of the meal. Think, think, think. Saint Anne, help me think. Then it came to me! French toast casserole! I had eggs, sugar, milk and I could cut the bread into cubes! Yes! It was a plan. A plan that worked well and ended in a yummy dinner.

In the end, if I hadn’t started to laugh, I would have gotten so frustrated at my failure that I would have thrown the bread away in anger and hopelessness.

When things are overwhelming, stop and find the humor, even just the slightest bit of humor can change your attitude and help you salvage the situation. A sense of humor really is frugal.

I took this picture of a very, very old statue of Saint Anne and the Blessed Virgin, when I was over in France!


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