Frugal Wedding Favor Ideas for the Catholic Bride to Be

I was a bride not so long ago. It was overwhelming. Planning a wedding. So many people wanted so many different things. Me? I wanted simple. I wanted frugal. I needed to stick to a very frugal budget. I was doing good, until it dawned on me I hadn’t thought about wedding favors.

Unfortunately, other people hadn’t forgotten. They had ideas. Big ideas. Expensive ideas. A lot of the wedding favors people showed me were between $3.00 and $5.oo a person. Sigh. That would add up to a crazy amount of money. Money I simply didn’t have.

Happily, I came up with an idea. I wanted my favors to be nice, but not too costly either.  Enter: Our Lady of the Rosary Library. I had actually been ordering from them for years and years, so I was already comfortable with their quality and prices. It may have been a little unconventional, but certainly a sweet gesture and keeping with Catholic idea of marriage = it is a Sacrament above all, not a party.

I was able to quickly put together gift baggies of favors. When I had ordered they had different Saint Booklets for .50 cents each. What I did was I made up four different types of baggies. Each baggie had either one booklet or a picture of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart, a brown scapular, and a Saint Benedict medal.  I then added in a couple of prayer cards which were .02 cents each. By doing this I kept the favors to $1.10 a person, including the gift baggies which I bought on clearance at Oriental Trading Company when they had free shipping on any order.

$1.10 per person may be too high for some people,  so I encourage you to take the general idea and see what you can get that would fit your budget.

When I ordered these they were .50 cents each and they are now .75 cents each, but still a good deal.

These are .20 cents each and nice quality!

These are high quality medals and only .15 cents a piece!

This booklet is .65 cents!

This prayer card and many others are just .02 cents each!

If you have any ideas on frugal wedding favors please don’t hesitate to leave your comment!



  1. Christina

    In lieu of personal favors, we made a charitable donation, and noted it in the program. :). We definitely stuck to our budget that way, and helped a worthy cause.

    • Dear Christina,

      That is also a lovely idea! One I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Monica

    Neat idea! Thanks for sharing at

    • I am glad you liked the idea, Monica. It is a great way to share the Catholic Faith. Our Lady of Rosary Library really has some wonderful things.

      I am so happy there is such a thing as!

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