A Dollar Gets It Thursdays!

The Small and Mighty Dollar Gets It!

If you have read some of my previous posts you probably know by now that I have a love-hate relationship with the dollar bill. I hate it because it can add up fast, but love it for the same reason. Essentially, just like everything else in the world, it can be used for good or for evil. I try very hard to make it contribute good to my frugal budget instead of evil.

This is where “A Dollar Gets It” Thursdays come in! I have decided that there is something I would really like to have, but isn’t in my budget right now. I have wanted it for a while now and have thus far denied myself. However, I have decided to start doing something about it. I am going to save $1.00 every thursday until I have enough money to make my purchase. In this case, slow and steady will win!

Here is the run-down:

1.) I really have been wanting this particular popcorn maker.

I LOVE popcorn!

2.) Amazon prices tend to fluctuate so I need to save $45.00 to make sure I have enough saved away.

3.) Saving $1.00 a week means that it will take me 45 weeks to save enough money.

4.) I can set aside more money if I have it or want to, but I HAVE to set aside at least $1.00 every Thursday. I have to put it in an envelope put out of sight, so I am not tempted to use the cash for other things.

5.) At the very least if I save $1.00 every week, I will be able to make my purchase on 7/25/13.

I know that sounds like a very long time to wait, but honestly, waiting to buy something is better than not being able to buy it at all. A popcorn maker is not something I MUST have, it is merely something I would really like to have. A want, not a necessity.

I encourage you to join me in saving for something you want every Thursday! I will put up a reminder every Thursday and keep track of how much I have saved so far.

What are you going to save for? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below.



  1. I love the idea of saving a simple dollar once a week. Even a mere 4 dollars a month really adds up over time. I’ve tried the same thing, instead with 10$ a week. It works to my advantage because if I still want the item after all the waiting of saving money, it was worth it!

    • Dear Lauren,

      That is wonderful that you have done something similar! Any amount that you can set to the side for something you want is something to be proud of! It can take a lot of self discipline and prayer.

      This method really puts a stop to impulse buying. Something that I had trouble with for a while. Often times, after I got the item home, I realized it wasn’t as wonderful or as necessary as I thought it was while standing in the store. Good for you for not being on impulse buyer! Impulse buying can ruin a frugal budget.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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