Frugal Bride’s Maid Gift for Catholic Weddings – Etsy Coupon Code 35% off

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Decade Rosary interchangeable Watch

Recently I wrote an article on Frugal Wedding Favor Ideas. I hope many of you found it helpful. One topic, though, that my previous article left out was ideas for Bride’s Maid gifts. Not everyone gives them, but most do. It can be a very sweet gesture, but it need not be very costly.

My wedding was very small. I only had a Maid of Honor, my beautiful best friend, my dearest Mom. However, I have been to many Catholic weddings where there were anywhere from 2 to 6 Brides Maids. If your up and coming wedding is one such one, you may want to consider the following relatively frugal and useful Catholic Brides Maid gift ideas.

Remember that your budget may not allow for much, but you can still give beautiful and sweet gifts on a budget! Don’t be consumed with having to impress people or outdo someone. Ultimately your wedding is Sacrament.

1.) Buy every Bride’s Maid matching rosary bracelets, using one of your wedding colors.

2.) Buy every Bride’s Maid a single decade rosary.

3.) Buy every Bride’s Maid a chaplet of their favorite saint.

4.) Buy every Bride’s Maid a matching necklace.

I highly recommend looking on the Etsy website for handmade items. You can often customize any of the above suggestions. The sellers on Etsy, in general, have excellent customer service and will often give a discount if purchasing multiple items.

If you are interested in purchasing any item from my Etsy Shop for your Bride’s Maid gifts, I am offering a 35% off coupon, until this Sunday, 9/30/12. Use the coupon code: FRUGALCATHOLICHOME.       You can use this coupon code on any item, even if it is not for a wedding!

If you purchase 8 or more items, you will also receive a free single decade rosary for yourself and your future spouse!

Butterfly Swarovski Crystal Decade Rosary


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