Frugal Book Finds: Catholic Fiction and Spiritual Books Sale : Tan Books

As you all may know by now, I love to read. Reading was my doorway into the Catholic Faith. Especially reading books printed by Tan Books. I would save up all my babysitting money for months and then splurge on buying all the Tan Books I could afford. Of course I waited for sales! Yes, even as a young teenager I was frugal.

I highly recommend the books printed by Tan Books. They are wholesome and theologically correct. If you are looking for Christmas gifts, buying these books on sale is a great frugal way to go! Most of the books are on sale for $3.00 each! Yippy! Time to get your Spiritual Reading on!

Please note, that I am in no way affiliated with Tan Books and the links below are NOT referral links.

There are other books on sale, so take a look around once you are there!

1.) “The Saints and Our Children” by Mary Reed Newland

2.) “The Mystery of Love for the Single”  By: Rev. Fr. Dominic J. Unger OFM Cap

3.) “Little Lives of the Great Saints”  By: Rev. Fr. John O’Kane Murray

4.) “The Love of Mary” By: D. Roberto, Hermit of Monte Corona

5.) “Dressing With Dignity” By: Colleen Hammond

6.) “Guidance to Heaven” By: Cardinal Giovanni Bona

Aren’t these wonderful Frugal Catholic Book finds?


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