Good and Wholesome Catholic Fiction Books : Free MP3 Downloads

I love to read. I also love to listen to books on my mp3 player. Finding wholesome and educational Catholic books can be a challenge. Sometimes one wants a book that is light and wholesome. A book that makes you think, but not too hard. A book that fosters virtue, but makes you laugh so hard you cry.

The following is a small list of free mp3 downloads. I have read all of these books and can say that they are all outstanding.

If you are looking for a light and witty read, I highly recommend the book “The Club of Queer Trades.” If you like dry humor, you won’t find a better book!

“Lord of the World” and “Come Rack! Come Rope!” are more serious, but in our modern society they are both good reads to prepare you for what the future may hold.

If you love mysteries, then go with “The Wisdom of Father Brown.” Father Brown is a Catholic Priest who does detective work on the side. You will become a fast fan, I am sure!

Enjoy the links and I will be posting other great finds soon, so check back!

Who is your favorite Catholic Author? I would love to hear! Leave a Comment Below if you have a moment.

Lord of the World”: By Robert Hugh Benson

“Come Rack! Come Rope!”: By Robert Benson

Tom Playfair; or Making a Start”: By Francis Finn

The Club of Queer Trades”: By G.K. Chesterton

The Man Who Knew Too Much”: By G.K. Chesterton

Wisdom of Father Brown”: By G.K Chesterton

Trees of Pride”: G.K Chesterton

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