ArchBishop Fulton Sheen – Free MP3 Talks – “Life is Worth Living”

I took this picture in France of St. Michael’s.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was a rock of unwavering faith. It boggles my mind how many older non-catholics I know who remember sitting down every week and watching Archbishop Sheen on tv. Even many non-catholics had a deep respect and admiration for all he said. Of course, that is because he spoke TRUTH.

Everything he spoke about, though it be so many years ago, fully applies to our lives today. It is in no way “out-dated” Catholic dogma is never “out-dated.” Perhaps there are some people today who don’t like him because it goes against their “protestantized” view of their Catholicism.

However, he is definitely a strong guide for us today with all our modern ways and modern chaos. I especially recommend his talks on marriage.

If you have never heard him speak, I encourage you to at least listen for ten minutes. The odds are you will be hooked.

I love to listen to these talks while we are on road trips. I also listen to them while I clean and cook.

Here is the link to some of his talks for FREE in MP3 format: “Life is Worth Living”


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