Frugal Grocery Budget: How to Use Your Swagbucks to Stretch Your Budget Part 1

Search & Win

Swagbucks have been such a great blessing for me! I have really been able to use them to stretch my frugal grocery budget. I don’t get too many swagbucks per month, but I am still able to use them wisely! Remember that every little bit helps. To read a little more about Swagbucks, click here.

How to Get a Few more Swagbucks:

1.) If you download the Swagbucks toolbar you will more easily remember to search through the Swagbucks engine. You will also get 1 extra point a day for having the Swagbucks toolbar downloaded on your computer.

2.) Make sure to take the daily poll everyday. It only takes less than a minute and you get 1 point for taking the poll.

3.) If you scroll through the “NOSO” offers, at the end you will get 2 extra points. You can do this once a day.

4.) Make sure you don’t always search for the same things on the Swagbucks toolbar. Switching it up every once in a while will sometimes win you points.

How I Use Swagbucks to Stretch My Budget: Recommendation 1

I measured out, that for the recipes I use, I get just about 3 cups of flour for every pound. A 5 pound bag yields about 15 cups of flour. With all the baking I do, I use about 6 pounds of flour a week. Essentially I go through 25 pounds of flour a month. I buy organic unbleached flour at my local health food store for $1.10 a pound. So, every month I spend about $30.00 on flour. Not too bad, considering everything I make with it. However, Swagbucks allows me to offset this cost once every three months.

Every month I earn about enough Swagbucks to get two $5.00 Amazon gift cards. Sometimes I earn more, but for argument’s sake I am going to say that an average I earn $10.00 in Amazon gift cards a month. If I save these gift cards up, after 3 months I have $30.00 in Amazon gift cards. For me, this is a huge amount to work with!

Here is what I get:

Prices on Amazon do tend to fluctuate, but right now, with Free Subscribe and Save this 25 pound bag of flour is $25. 70.

If I have enough Swagbuck points to get $30.00 in Amazon gift cards every three months, and I buy one 25 bag of flour through Amazon every 3 months, that means per year I will save about $100.00!

$100.00 is a nice chunk of money!

How do you use your Swagbucks to stretch your budget?


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