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Jean Henri-Fabre

I was not a huge fan of science in school, not in grammar school, middle school, high school, or college. I did love learning about basic science, but not if I had to retain every word and spit it back on a test.

However, one aspect of science that I was enthralled with was animals and insects. I truly loved learning about animals. I was fascinated by them. My dad bought me a huge encyclopedia of animals when I was about ten. I would pour over it for hours on the weekends. I loved the pictures and the clear descriptions of all the numerous animals.

When I got to highschool and I was homeschooled, I stumbled upon the French writer Jean-Henri Fabre. He lived in the mid 1800’s through early 1900’s but, I fell in love with his writings straight away. He had such an intriguing way of explaining the lives of insects. Of course his writings were translated into english, but you couldn’t miss his Catholic approach to teaching. He writes about insects in such a poetical manner you become so intrigued that you almost don’t realize you are learning anything. You feel more like you are reading a novel.

He is very Catholic in his writings. He never dismisses God as the Creator. In fact he often uses the animals as examples of the proof of God. It is amazing how Catholic his writings are. Such a refreshing change from modern science!

His books are worth looking into. Especially for anyone intrigued with animals and insects.

Links to Free PDF Jean-Henri Fabre Books:

1.)”The Life of the Caterpillar

2.) “The Life of the Grasshopper

3.) “The Life of the Spider

4.) “Insect Adventures- Book 2

5.) The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles

If you are looking for a hard copy, the books below are avaiable through Amazon. They are part of Amazon’s “4 for 3” promotion! Of course, I recomend using your Swagbucks (or signing up for it) to earn Amazon gift cards so you can put the least amount of money out of pocket to purchase these!

Avaliable Through Amazon: (Not an affliate link)

1.) Fabre’s Book of Insects

2.) The Life of the Spider

3.) Bramble-Bees and Others

4.) The Mason-Bees


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