Book Discussion on “Mirror of True Womanhood” Starting Soon

For those of you interested in participating in a group discussion on the book “Mirror of True Womanhood” by Bernard O’Reilly, I will be starting this on 10/11/12! I am really excited to start this discussion. This book is a gem and I think we women could really benefit with a group discussion on how to be the best Catholic wives and mothers we can be.

I personally think that there is not enough of this kind of support for women. Many protestants have books they study and women get-together groups to support one another. Sadly, I have found such support lacking in my Parish.

I am the type of woman who sometimes needs a gentle slap to remind me that I need to grow in virtue and holiness in my vocation as a wife every day. Being a wife is my first and foremost vocation, however, life can get so busy and hectic that I need to stop and remind myself of this often. After all, the vocation one chooses in life is their ultimate path to Heaven!

I hope many women will join us! I have many things planned for these weekly discussions and encouragement! If you know any women that might be interested, please let them know!


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