Free PDF Download – “Grammar Land” a Story about Using Grammar Properly!

“Grammar Land” by M. L. Nesbitt is a whimsical way of teaching children grammar. When I was in college I had to prepare a list of books that would be helpful aids in teaching grammar and math. When I stumbled upon “Grammar Land” I couldn’t stop reading it. It was very entertaining and was able to make a rather boring subject intriguing.

It is one of those books that you read, but don’t even realize you are being taught anything until you suddenly understand the topic. You may want to read the book out loud to all your children. The little ones will even pick up on some things after a while.

If you would like the free pdf version click here.

If you would like a hard copy, Amazon sells it too. Don’t forget to save up your Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks to help offset the cost of the book. Also, right now this book is part of Amazon’s 4 for 3 promotion!


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