“Mirror of True Womanhood” Chapter 1 Review

I have put all I have read in Chapter 1 of “Mirror of True Womanhood” to good use this week. I have made an extra attempt to be gentle and graceful in manner to all those around me.

1.) I have tried very hard to say “Blessed Be the Name of God” before saying something that would come across “snappy.” It has helped me very much indeed.

2.) I have made every effort to get in a Chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday.

3.) I have started asking the intercession of Saint Anne and Saint Elizabeth of Hungry to help me to grow in virtue. Especially that of patience.

4.) I have kept in mind how much a cheerful and warm expression can do to lift everyone’s hearts and bring peace to the home.

5.) I have used Holy Water everyday everywhere in my home.

What have you done this week to show that warmth of spirit to your loved ones? I would love to hear!

Don’t forget to start Chapter 2!


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