Free PDF Download – “Grammar Land” a Story about Using Grammar Properly!

“Grammar Land” by M. L. Nesbitt is a whimsical way of teaching children grammar. When I was in college I had to prepare a list of books that would be helpful aids in teaching grammar and math. When I stumbled upon “Grammar Land” I couldn’t stop reading it. It was very entertaining and was able to make a rather boring subject intriguing.

It is one of those books that you read, but don’t even realize you are being taught anything until you suddenly understand the topic. You may want to read the book out loud to all your children. The little ones will even pick up on some things after a while.

If you would like the free pdf version click here.

If you would like a hard copy, Amazon sells it too. Don’t forget to save up your Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks to help offset the cost of the book. Also, right now this book is part of Amazon’s 4 for 3 promotion!


Book Discussion on “Mirror of True Womanhood” Starting Soon

For those of you interested in participating in a group discussion on the book “Mirror of True Womanhood” by Bernard O’Reilly, I will be starting this on 10/11/12! I am really excited to start this discussion. This book is a gem and I think we women could really benefit with a group discussion on how to be the best Catholic wives and mothers we can be.

I personally think that there is not enough of this kind of support for women. Many protestants have books they study and women get-together groups to support one another. Sadly, I have found such support lacking in my Parish.

I am the type of woman who sometimes needs a gentle slap to remind me that I need to grow in virtue and holiness in my vocation as a wife every day. Being a wife is my first and foremost vocation, however, life can get so busy and hectic that I need to stop and remind myself of this often. After all, the vocation one chooses in life is their ultimate path to Heaven!

I hope many women will join us! I have many things planned for these weekly discussions and encouragement! If you know any women that might be interested, please let them know!

Rosary Giveaway Winner!

Thank you all for participating in our first giveaway!

The winner is Saint Philip Neri! I will be contacting you via email soon!

Please check back again just before Christmas because we will be doing another giveaway with more items!

We are even going to have a poll asking which of our Etsy Shop items you would most like to see in the giveaway!

Catholic Poetry – Coventry Patmore – A Poem Every Young Woman Should Read

Coventry Patmore

I was never one to read much poetry growing up. I liked it, but just was never captivated by it. To this day, there is only certain poetry that I enjoy. Much poetry, I humbly admit, I don’t understand. However, I have stumbled upon some great poets that have completely captivated my heart. My first love (don’t tell my husband!) was Coventry Patmore. Ok, you can tell my husband. Coventry Patmore lived over 100 years ago!

I remember working at the library at the small Catholic college that I attended. I would look and look for not-so-well known treasures. At that particular library, it wasn’t very hard. Many of the books were over 100 years old themselves. It was a treasure of a library!

I fell head-over-heels when I found a book of poems by Coventry Patmore. I willing admit  I don’t like all of his poems and I understand only about 25% of them. He was very well-educated and a lot of his poems are written on a metaphysical and theological level that I never mastered.  BUT, my favorite poem of all time, in the whole world, is super easy to understand!

Not only is it easy to understand, but necessary to understand. I think every young woman in every Catholic school in the entire world should have to memorize this poem. It is a poem that speaks to any and every young woman who is seeking love on any level. It was completely Divine Providence that I found the poem just as I was starting to think about finding a husband.

This poem shows what sadness it can be if a woman loses her modesty around men. It also shows the great power modesty lends to a woman. Imagine! Women CAN and Should set a high price on themselves, which Coventry Patmore points out, men are willing to “pay” if they see they are required to. In other words: Save yourself and a true man will respect that and love you all the more for it.

I truly hope you love it as much as I do. It is beyond lovely in the sense that it elevates the value and worth of a woman in a manner that I have never come across before. Please, pass this poem on to all the women in your life.

‘What I Saw in America” – Free PDF Download of G.K Chesterton’s Book

Young G.K. Chesterton

By now I am sure you know of my love of G.K. Chesterton! I truly believe he is one of the best authors of all time. He has such insight into human nature both good and bad. He also has one of the best senses of humor I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

I have to admit, I have read most of his writings. I also try to re-read at least one of his books every year. There is such a wealth of information and insight that I always need to brush up on.

One of my favorite books by G.K Chesterton is “What I Saw In America.” It is very interesting to read his take on America as it was nearly 100 years ago. Not to mention a lot of his observations can be applied to our modern society. It is truly an interesting read. Here is the link: “What I Saw in America” by G.K. Chesterton.

When I first started to read his books with a vivacious appetite, I quickly realized that I couldn’t afford to buy all his books. What I did instead was find some of his books that were harder to find in print. I then downloaded them for free in PDF format and I slowly printed them out. I know that home printing can be expensive, but I found a trick to make my out-of-pocket expense less.

1.) I waited for back to school sales.

I kept my eyes peeled for wonderful deals at Staples and Home Depot for back-to-school sales. I was able to buy many hard cover three-ring binders for .25 a piece. Once in a while I would be able to find them for .15. I would make sure to buy as many as the store limit was.

I would also look for the plastic page protectors. I was usually able to get them for .50 a package.

2.) I Would Wait for Cash Back Offers

I would wait for Cash Back offers. For example: I was able to get free printing paper. I would buy the paper for full price and then I would get the cash back for it, usually in a form of a gift card from the store which I bought a from. Then I would use the money I got back to buy printer ink when it went on sale. Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples will periodically have such “cash back” offers.

Making sure to get all the best deals I could, I was able to print and “bind” each book in page protectors for about $2.50 each including ink. It was well worth it for me to print and “bind” those books, especially the ones that were rare to find in print.

What are some your favorite out-of-print books? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below!

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