Ways to Earn a Little Money

1.) Swagbucks:   To sign up for Swagbucks is completely free. Swagbucks is a search engine where you can earn random points for using the Swagbuck search engine for your everyday normal searches on the internet. You will randomly win points. These points can then be redeemed for a variety of items. My favorite is the $5.00 gift card to Amazon which cost 450 points. On average most people earn enough points for $10.00 in Amazon gift cards a month, though I also know some people who earn enough for $25.00 to $50.00 a month in Amazon gift cards.

If you download the Swagbucks tool bar, it is easier to remember to search through their search engine. Plus you will get an 1 extra point a day for having the Swagbucks tool bar. Don’t forget to take the daily poll for another extra point a day. Lastly, click on earn points and scroll down to the NOSO offers. Scroll through the offers and at the end you will win two extra points. You can do this once a day! That is a total of 4 extra points a day!

For such little effort, I find it well worth it to use Swagbucks for my everyday searches. Every little bit helps, especially if you save your Amazon gift cards to make a large purchase.

From the Swagbucks site this is their policy of who is eligible to sign up for Swagbucks: “Any resident of the US, the UK, or Canada (except for residents of Quebec) above the age of 13 is eligible to redeem prizes from Swagbucks.com.”

2.) Ebates: This is a great site for earning a little money back on your online purchases. Before you make a purchases first login to your Ebates account and click on their link for the store you want to shop at. Their cash back % changes and sometimes doubles! When you want to make a purchase look at Ebates and ShopAtHome and see who has the higher % cash back, that is what I do! It isn’t a lot of cash back, but I truly believe every little bit helps!

3.) ShopAtHome: This is also a great site for earning a little money back on your online purchases. Whenever I make a purchase online, I first go to ShopAtHome and see how much cash back I will get at a given store by going through their link.

Once you reach $20.00 in cash back from shopping at varies stores, they will send you a check for whatever amount of cash back you have accumulated. They don’t send checks out for any money amount under $20.00

The other day I purchased something at Sierra Trading Post, but first I went through the links for Sierra Trading Post on ShopAtHome got an additional 10% cash back on my purchase! The cash back amount will change, so keep your eye out for specials where the percentage back is higher than 3-5%.

Remember, even if the cash back is only 3%, every little bit helps your overall frugal budget, and dollars do add up!

4.) Recyclebank:   This is a great way to earn either high value coupons or a gift card. It is completely free to join Recyclebank. On this site you can do little activities to learn about recycling and earn points for doing so. You can redeem these points for high value coupons or if you save up you can redeem for a gift card.  Every few months they usually have a high value activity where it is easy and fast to earn a lot of points. I usually redeem my points for high value coupons that help me keep to my frugal grocery budget.


*Please note that the links above do contain my referral links. Even if you prefer not to go through my links do take a look as they are great ways to stretch a frugal budget!




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